Hi, Here’s my Story

I was born in Rome, Italy in a borough called Ostia, the historic Rome’s harbour.

I have always been an entrepreneur at core as I didn’t have any money when I was was young and always had to work in order to buy food and clothes since the age of 15.

And I had an innate passion for connecting with people as I didn’t have a happy relationship with my family.

Connecting with others and feeling accepted became quickly the way for me to feel that I could be appreciated and have genuine and positive talks with many people.

My first job was as computer fixer. I remember I printed hundreds of papers with written ”I will fix your computer”, my mobile number and Name below. I put it into many buildings mail boxes and immediately received good response and hey I was in business and I was meeting new people every week.

At the age of 16 I discovered David Letterman which became my role model and I watched every interview since then.

I loved the talk show he was conducting and his style. The fact that he was connecting in such a true manner with people was a fantastic inspiration and I started acting as if I were him for a few years to come.

After finishing high school I went to university as I was always told to get a university education so I joined Computer Science and Automation Engineer but I soon discovered that Engineering was just one of my many passion so I went ahead an joined a theatre course for 4 years.

I started to study for an Acting Master along with dancing and singing in the Academy of performing arts in Rome and different Italian Performing Art Schools.

Acting was indeed making me feeling alive and at the centre of the attention which I needed it but it was not doing me any favours any more as I was not serious enough about discovering who I was and perhaps the reasons behind my personality.

I got my first taste of the media being shortlisted as one of the famous Carramba Boys for the Raffaella Carrà Italian and Eurovision TV Show “Carramba che fortuna”, I have really enjoyed this experience. I enjoyed singing and dancing and I have found the great challenge of a live show.

After that incredible experience, I started to play different roles working in films and television on “Medico in Famiglia” TV Series, “Sex Appeal” Sitcom, “Linea d’Ombra”, a fiction titled “L’italia allo Specchio”, “Capri 2”. I also worked at Theatre in various Plays and Comedies and at Cinema  as voice-over and actor in the Movie “Pius XII: Under the Roman Sky” and in the italian movie “Dopo quella Notte”.

I did many TV Commercials, Advertising Campaigns, documentaries. The main Italian Media Companies as MEDIASET, RAI Radio Televisione Italiana, Sky have seen me in many ways.

I was told that when I was a baby I was used to wake up my mother in the middle of the night asking her to laugh and play together and that makes me happy to know that.

I think I was born with a natural inclination towards taking life as it is, accepting it and moving forward which is in fact the correct attitude to have in life.

Sometimes life may not be as you expected and you have to skate with it working on yourself to become the best version of yourself.

There is a lot of people that is genuine with positive energy that is willing to connect and support you and you must remain open to welcome them.

You must focus on the people that make you smile and laugh, feel supported and that you have a team upon which you can rely.


It is true that when you leave your comfort zone you feel more alive as you are in the wild and it is very exciting.

But the truth behind leaving a place forever or for long periods of time is that those places where never comfortable but rather a challenge for a healthy mental health.

When I left Rome and to go and live in London I needed to understand who I was and who I wanted to become.

I did find immediately unlimited possibilities and started immediately working in commercials and short movies.

Engineering was still a great part of me. I started a company in 2015 which I hoped in the future to be the definitive platform for all the people in the entertainment business and a production company.

As a way to promote the platform we decided to create a show where we were interviewing the people that were selling their services through their profiles and that was the start of the show Between 2 Italians.

This was in fact just an excuse to re connect with people through a routine that will put me in a position to do what I needed and was passionate about.

Whitin a few month we decided to let the platform go and just focus on the show.

I experienced insults and humiliations in my past and this did put me in the position of having to find support somewhere in the world.

When I interview people it makes me feel connected with the world. Particularly when my guests simply reply to my questions. It makes me feel accepted.

Every day is a challenge with myself. I know that I have to become better than the day before,

Whoever you are thanks from the bottom of my heart to have dedicated a small part of your life getting to know a bit more about me.

with Love