Hi, Here’s my Story

I was born in Rome, Italy in a small borough called Ostia, the historic Rome’s harbour.  
After graduating from University as Computer Science and Automation Engineer, I soon discovered that Engineering was not my main passion and instead the artistic side took over through a career in Acting, the real oxygen and first light of my life.
Through Acting I can express all my creativity playing with the mood of different characters.
I started an Acting Master class in Rome along side dancing and singing at the Academy of performing arts in Rome and different Italian Performing Art Schools professional courses.
I got my first taste of the media being shortlisted as one of the famous Carramba Boys for the Raffaella Carrà Italian and Eurovision TV Show “Carramba che fortuna”, I have really enjoyed this experience. I enjoyed singing and dancing and I have found the great challenge of a live show.
After that incredible experience, I started to play different roles working in films and television on “Medico in Famiglia” TV Series, “Sex Appeal” Sitcom, “Linea d’Ombra”, a fiction titled “L’italia allo Specchio”, “Capri 2”. I also worked at Theatre in various Plays and Comedies and at Cinema  as voice-over and actor in the Movie “Pius XII: Under the Roman Sky” and in the italian movie “Dopo quella Notte”.
I have been protagonist of many TV Commercials, Advertising Campaigns, documentaries. The main Italian Media Companies as MEDIASET, RAI Radio Televisione Italiana, Sky have seen me in many ways.
On 2012, I decided to move to England to expand myself and go Global. If I wanted to reach the whole world I knew I had to restart again and in English this time.
I did find immediately a huge market and unlimited possibilities. 
I started with non speaking roles in commercials and short movies to approach later speaking parts in both films and commercials such as “The Triangle” and “I’m on a date”.
Later in 2015 I started the Joboundu company with my girlfriend Erica Melargo with the aim to let it become the referral point platform for the people working in the Film, TV and Media business.
Also we developed “The Joboundu Show” which is a TV-series inspired to the Joboundu office with 7 main characters, Marco and Erica the Founders, Poppy the Marketer, Francois the Director, Maria the Lawyer, Veronica the Investor and Sam the Customer Service boy.
The series is partially supported by the UK government and hopefully we will be able to get into pre-production soon.
We also developed a Talk Show called “Joboundu On-Camera” which has been approved by SKY and it will be soon on Channel 189 every Friday at 9pm.
Every day is a challenge with myself. I know that I have to become better than the day before, approaching new characters, studying new scripts, contacting people and setting up new material. 
But I love It. It’s the only thing I can think of doing in my life. I am happy when I am on set, I always feel on the right place at the right time and I always have something new to learn.
I am living the present right now. It’s here and I can sense It.
I certainly miss my family. Which is still in Italy and sometimes I am able to see them.
I do have other interests such as Explore London and the Health of the Planet and I’ll post interesting stuff on this website on how to respect the World where we live.
I am an all-accomplished Actor that never stops learning, I also enjoy my free time with photography and I relax tenor singing, playing guitar and I have a good time playing parlour games.
Whoever you are, I will be happy and delighted if you”ll decide to have me in your project, or if you simply sympathise for me I’ll be happy if you’ll follow me on my socials.
Thanks from the bottom of my heart to have dedicated a small part of your life in trying to know a little bit more about myself. Keep coming back on my website, I promise, there will be always a new story to keep you up-to-date on.  
Lots of Love.
I look forward to hearing back from you soon.