2019 NIGHT SHIFTS, Host, Directed by Marco Biagioli & Erica Melargo2018 OPINIONS, Host, Directed by Marco Biagioli & Erica Melargo2018 JOBOUNDU ON-CAMERA, Host, Directed by Marco Biagioli & Erica Melargo2018 MATCHING PARTNERS, Host, Directed by Marco Biagioli & Erica Melargo2018 CKF INTERNATIONAL MOVIE AWARDS, Host2017 JOBOUNDU ON-CAMERA, Host, Directed by Marco Biagioli & Erica Melargo2011 INFIORATA DI GENZANO, Director Filippo La Fontana
2010 INFIORATA DI GENZANO, Director Filippo La Fontana
2010 CASTING SHOW, coomingsoon channel
2009 PRESENTER FOR INFIORATA DI GENZANO, Director Filippo La Fontana


2018 BEHIND ON TIME, Antonio, Lead, Director Kiki Makin2016 I’M ON A DATE, Gabby, Lead Role, Dir. Hayley Everitt, Produced by Simon Rickards2015 HOPELESS Damien, Lead Role, Husband, Dir and Prod by Simone Dudley2014 UNDERCOVER, Eve, Lead Role, Dir. Sajida Farooq Ahmed
2014 TRIANGLE, Lead role, Antonio, Ruoyung Cath Yang Director, Hanson Ma Producer
2014 MYSTERY, Terry, Drug Dealer, Sajida Farooq Ahmed Director and Producer
2014 CONFESSION, John, Murderer, Reece Gibbins Director and Producer
2013 LOVE AND LUST, Josh, Husband, Lead role, Elliot Johns Director and Producer
2013 ROSES FOR YOU, Dave, Husband, lead role, Zachary Weckstein Director and Producer
2013 THE GIFTS OF THE MAGI, Jim, Boyfriend, Stefanía Luque Director, Brunel University Production
2013 BRANCH OUT, Human, Joseph Radonich Director and Producer for the Virgin Competition
2013 SIX SECONDS TO DIE, Suitor, Edward Scott Director, Deckchair Production
2013 THE MUPPETS…AGAIN, Interpol Agent, The Muppets production LTD, James Bobin Director
2013 MIMIK, Sebastian, Husband, Anton Badstuber Director
2010 UNDER THE ROMAN SKY, German Soldier, Director Christian Duguay, Lux Vide, Rai Fiction, Rai Trade, EOS Entertainment, Tellux Films
2009 UNTIL THE TIME IS TRUE, Marco, Boyfriend, Angiola Janigro Director
2009 DOPO QUELLA NOTTE, Marco, Boyfriend, Director Giovanni Galletta, Merier Production 


2018 Pilot, THE JOBOUNDU SHOW, Marco lead, Directed by Dario Baldi2015 MAFIA. Mafia friend, ITV2013 GOING APE: Hooking Up, National Geographic, Lead role Kisser, Blink Films Production
2013 EURIELLE – Gold, Boyfriend, Music Video
2013 BASSLINE JUNKIE MUSICAL VIDEO, Insane Man, Dizzee Rascal, Universal Island Records Division of Universal Music Operation
2013 APE MAN, National Geographic Entertainment Comedy, Lead role Kisser, Blink Films Production
2011 UN MEDICO IN FAMIGLIA 7, TV Series, Renzo Sassu, Biker, Publispei Production
2009 SEX APPEAL, Sitcom, Joshua, Stylist
2009 LINEA D’OMBRA, Roberto Succo, Killer, Director Guido Morandini, Rai Production
2009 I FRATELLI BENVENUTI, Paolo, Boyfriend, Paolo Costella Director, Mari Film, Mediaset
2009 L’ITALIA ALLO SPECCHIO, TV Series, Marco, Lover, 12 episodes, Filippo Romualdi Director, Rai Production
2009 LA STELLA DELLA PORTA ACCANTO, Pierpaolo, Boyfriend, Gianfranco Albano Director, Titanus Production
2008 CARRAMBA CHE FORTUNA, Carramba Boy with Raffaella Carrà, Rai Production
2007 CAPRI 2, TV Series, Postman, Andrea Barzini Director, Rai Fiction 


2019 BALLANTINE’S, Hand Modelling, Lead2018 MYWORLD.TV Office Manager, Lead2018 PINK CASINO, Crazy Date2018 GHR GREATEST HITS RADIO, Vip personality, Lead2018 POTTERS HOLIDAY RESORT,  Holiday Guest2016 PRINGLES Boyfriend
2016 SKY SPORT Friend, Lead role
2016 CHIVAGO Friend, Lead role
2016 UNILEVER Husband, Lead role Trinity Mirror PLC
2016 NIX & KIX Friend, Lead role
2016 STAKBOTS Evil rich man, Oli Norfolk
2016 RATED PEOPLE, Husband,
2016 QTAR AIRLINES, Father, Peter Beavis, Redfern Productions
2016 UNILEVER, Husband
2015 MAMA NATURA, Father, Gianpaolo Gelati, Loacker Remedia
2015 CANON PARIS EXPO, Successful Entrepreneur, Simon Sorted, Kim Moore
2015 BETTER KITTENS 2, Marketer Lead Role, The Thomas Brothers, The Thomas Brothers
2015 HOT POINT LOVE YOUR FOOD, Business Man, Lead Role, Graymatter Production
2015 HOT POINT LOVE COOKING, Business Man, Lead Role, Graymatter Production
2015 HOT POINT LOVE YOUR CLOTHES, Business Man, Lead Role, Graymatter Production
2015 CANON VISION PARIS EXPO, Rich Business Man, Photographer Simon Sorted,
2015 BETTER KITCHENS, Marketing Executive, Adriel Thomas, The Thomas Brothers Production
2015 HOT POINT LOVE YOUR CLOTHES, Business Man, Gray Matter Production
2014 3WAYDATES, Boyfriend, Feature, House of QI Production
2014 TAJ HOTELS MOROCCO, Boyfriend, Jamie Muir Director and Producer
2014 NINE ELMS POINT, Lead role, Boyfriend, Jamie Bourne Director and Producer
2014 THE BOOK TRAILER, Akash (Pakistani) Husband, Silent Symphonies Production
2014 THE PALM BEACH CASINO, Casino Player, Feature, Neil Rostance Director, FatFree Media Production
2014 GETTY IMAGES, Business Man, Oli Kellett Photographer
2014 ROYAL ASCOT, Royal, Lead role, Telly Juice Production
2014 HÄAGEN DAZS, Handsome Man, Will Kenning Director, Mofilm Production
2014 9010, Sport Guy, Photographer Richard Kalina
2014 KAZBRELLA, Lead Role, Business Man, Shoaib Vali Director
2014 BADEN CASINO, Rich Casino Player, Luis Ventura Director, Redstone Production
2014 ONE2DATE, Boyfriend, Ben Dodd Director and Producer
2014 JEEP WONDER, Determined Man, Rosso Film Production
2014 FINECO BACIARE, Boyfriend, Luca Maroni Directing, Movie Magic International Production
2013 GUCCI PRESENTS: BAMBOO CONFIDENTIAL, Photographer, Gucci Production
2013 THE COTSWOLD COMPANY, Husband, Lead role, The Broadcast House Production, Osagie Samuel Director
2013 SOFA.COM, Scientist, Jack Benson Director, Nut Films Production
2013 ASTOR HOSTELS COMMERCIAL, Traveller, Edward Scott Clarke and Bob Denham Directors, Deckchair Productions
2013 KEF HEADPHONES, AD campaign, Kef Production
2013 GETTY IMAGES, Main Actor, Oli Kellett Photographer
2013 BECKS UNLOCK YOUR CREATIVITY, Drinker, Mother Production
2013 RAINFOREST RESCUE, House Owner, Sky Production, Tara Cauchi and Mark Paul Directors
2013 NUTELLA FEBRUARY’S SPECIAL DAY, Italian Guy, Spot for the web, Catsnake Production, Lucy Fazey Director
2013 ALLIANZ, AD campaign, Stefano Marini Director
2013 NIVEA YOU TO DARES TO KISS IN 2013 WITH CONFIDENCE, Kisser, Beiersdorf Nivea Production
2012 OUR CHOICES DEFINE US SELL IN FILM, Grolsch Beer, Lead Role, Director Jonny Briggs
2012 STAYWIMI, Singer, London
2012 MEDIASET PREMIUM CALCIO, lead role Driver, Mediaset Production
2012 MEDIASET PREMIUM, football supporter, Mediaset Production
2012 ALLIANZ, advertising campaign, Stefano Marini Director
2011 TELECOM IMPRESA SEMPLICE, poster papers, web, TV, calendar, Alessandro D’Alatri Director
2011 CARILLO, Boyfriend, directed by Fabio Breccia, Mediaset Production
2011 TELETHON 30 HOURS FOR THE LIFE, Father, Telethon Production
2011 SAMSUNG GALAXY S2, Driver, Mediaset Production
2010 ANYCOOL, Business man, Mediaset Production, Fabio Breccia Director
2010 ORIGINAL MARINES, Father, Mediaset Production, Fabio Breccia Director
2010 URBAN RING, Football Player, directed by Fabio Breccia, Mediaset Production
2010 SAMSUNG FLOOR CLEANER ROBOT, Father, internet, cinema, Mediaset Production
2009 GRAND SOLEIL, Boyfriend, Lead Role, Ricky Tognazzi Director, Mediaset Production
2009 BRACHETTO, Wine Expert, Lead Role, Ruggero Deodato Director
2009 IGIENE ORALE, Father, Lead Role, Health Department
2009 TANTUM VERDE, Boyfriend, Lead Role, Tantum Verde Production
2009 AFFARI TUOI, Husband, Rai Production
2009 METADONE, Lead Role, Doctor, institutional Video, Molteni SPA Production
2008 TOD’S, Model with Gwyneth Paltrow, Director Dennis Hopper VOICE OVER2010 UNDER THE ROMAN SKY, German Soldier, Rai Production

2008 D’AMBRA E D’ARGILLA, Director Raffaele Curi, Fendi production
2006 SHOW OF MIME WITH MASKS, Lead Role, Renato Capitani Director
2007 INTERACTIVE SHOWS, Obscura’s Acting Company, Lead Role, Sidney Neri direction
2006 LA CONOSCENZA DELL’INGLESE, Lead Role, Theatre of the Absurd
2006 IL LUNGO PRANZO DI NATALE, Lead Role, Antonia di Francesco Director, Written by T. Wilder


2011 CHRISTMAS CONCERT FOR EMERGENCY, Singer, song Adeste Fideles in English and Italian
2011 MR HARMONY 2011, winner
2009 PHOTO STORIES, directed by Massimo Tonna
2007 BELLISSIMO SUD ITALIA, winner, Casa Massima (Bari) 

Volleyball Pro
Beach volley Pro
Tennis Amateur
Tae kwon do 4 years
Swimming PRO
Roller Blades Amateur
Guitar Amateur
Billiard Amateur
Bowling Amateur