The Triangle 

Pius XII: Under the Roman Sky

Director: Christian Duguay

Production: Lux Vide, Rai Fiction, Rai Trade, EOS Entertainment and Tellux

Genre: Biography

Role: Soldier Rudolf

Papacy of Pius XII focusing on years during World War Two.

Hiltler and the Pope. On one side the man who catapulted the whole world into war and, on the other, the man who, more than any other, fought for peace. Despite all his efforts, Pius XII is not able to prevent the horrors that take place in Rome. On October 16, 1943, the SS carry out an unexpected and violent raid on the Jewish Ghetto. Over one-thousand victims are deported to Auschwitz, only fifteen will eventually return. 

Dopo quella Notte

Director: Giovanni Galletta

Production: Merier Production Andrea Iervoliono, Andrea Minardi

Genre: Romance

Role: Marco


Director: Anton Badstuber

Genre: Drama

Role: Sebastian

An abstract spectacle of vanity and its ugliness.

Roses For You

Director: Zachary Weckstein

Production: The London Film School

Genre: Romance/Drama

Role: Dave


Love & Lust


Director: Elliott Johns

Production: Elliott Johns

Genre: Drama

Role: Josh

Love & Lust is a film about a complicated couple who are secretly seeing each other, which leads to dramatic consequences towards the two once they meet each other for the final time on a empty cold beach.



Six Seconds to Die (II)

Director: Ed Scott-Clarke

Production: Deckchair Productions

Genre: Horror

Role: Suitor

Six Seconds to Die revolves around the anthropological themes of succession ritual, as laid out in the Golden Bough by Frazer, and dominance, as portrayed by von Masoch in Venus in Furs. The story focuses upon an unhappy wife and her plot to replace her husband with her suitor.

Finalist for the Horror Channel’s ‘Shortcuts to Hell’ run by Channel 4. The challenge: A short film with 6 lines of dialogue. 6 members of crew. 6 members of cast. All within a budget of £666.