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Kef Headphones M Series Advertising Campaign



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Piazza Italia Winter 2013 


Diaframma ADV Production

Creative Director Stefano Ginestroni

Photography Rocco Bizzarri

December 2013


My ADV campaign and interview with Piazza Italia, an Italian clothing brand. Piazza Italia defines itself as the “Sponsor of common people”  and for this great Christmas Campaign, they decided to take action against the Italian financial crisis still spreading, and the highest rates of Youth unemployement, that is causing even more young and brilliant people to build their future abroad.

We, protagonists of the adverts, are not showing our faces anymore. On the ADV Posters, We are seen from the back, unresponsive and closed. We are no longer belonging to our native country: that is why We are saying Goodbye “Bella Ciao”. 

Marco Biagioli Glasses (6)

I am ever grateful that I have been collaborating on this Campaign: it has been a pleasure to have the possibility to make a difference and spread the word about one of the big problem of my Country of origin, a beautiful country, but that seems unable to offer a future to the new generations.


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Allianz Insurance AD Campaign 


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Impresa Semplice TV and AD Campaign 

Telecom Italia Group 

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Thirty years of harmony: Mr. Harmony 2011 

The time I have been voted by 70.000 women to be elected Mr Harmony 2011 for Harlequin & Mondadori

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