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40 Small things I learned growing up

I feel particularly wise tonight so here’s a small list of small things learned so far

  1. Do what you love because it’s totally fun to enjoy your life

  2. Everyone always suggests you to do what’s best for them 🙂

  3. Listening to music will put you in the right mood

  4. When you feel tired just sleep

  5. Be gentle with everyone even if they don’t

  6. Nurture only what makes you feel satisfied

  7. This list is totally random

  8. Improvise

  9. Surprise is the most efficient skill

  10. Stay focussed on 1 goal till you believe it totally makes you happy, then change

  11. Keep learning

  12. Your limits are established by yourself

  13. Laugh a lot

  14. Let things and people go

  15. Take care of your body everyday

  16. Eat well

  17. You will get used to everything that you do for more than 21 days

  18. Listen to your soul

  19. Change your habits to obtain a different result

  20. Take action

  21. If you don’t do what you love it will become an obsession

  22. Live simple

  23. Life is simple

  24. Find the positive in everything

  25. Choose the words that you use

  26. The vocabulary is like a grocery shop and you can choose the best words free of charge

  27. Every action is a choice, do it bearing in mind your goal

  28. Be yourself

  29. When it’s cold dress properly otherwise you will spend a few days trying to get better

  30. When you are getting bored remember that even in that day you have had the first of something

  31. I am probably trying to add more items to this list

  32. If you don’t use something give it as a gift to someone who could benefit from having it

  33. Giving will make you feel incredibly well

  34. Rest when you are tired but then keep going

  35. Sometimes 3 long and deep breaths could let you change your mind about making a decision

  36. The use of a Chron while working makes you go faster

  37. Less is totally more

  38. Singing every day let’s you use and perfection your voice as well and will make you happy

  39. When you go to sleep after 2pm you will be sleepy the day after

  40. Hope you will find it useful! 🙂

  41. Uh one more, I found out that everything that I learned was already understood by millions of other people. Anyway I wanted to write it so that’s it 🙂

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