40 Small things I learned growing up

I feel particularly wise tonight so here’s a small list of small things learned so far

  1. Do what you love because it’s totally fun to enjoy your life

  2. Everyone always suggests you to do what’s best for them 🙂

  3. Listening to music will put you in the right mood

  4. When you feel tired just sleep

  5. Be gentle with everyone even if they don’t

  6. Nurture only what makes you feel satisfied

  7. This list is totally random

  8. Improvise

  9. Surprise is the most efficient skill

  10. Stay focussed on 1 goal till you believe it totally makes you happy, then change

  11. Keep learning

  12. Your limits are established by yourself

  13. Laugh a lot

  14. Let things and people go

  15. Take care of your body everyday

  16. Eat well

  17. You will get used to everything that you do for more than 21 days

  18. Listen to your soul

  19. Change your habits to obtain a different result

  20. Take action

  21. If you don’t do what you love it will become an obsession

  22. Live simple

  23. Life is simple

  24. Find the positive in everything

  25. Choose the words that you use

  26. The vocabulary is like a grocery shop and you can choose the best words free of charge

  27. Every action is a choice, do it bearing in mind your goal

  28. Be yourself

  29. When it’s cold dress properly otherwise you will spend a few days trying to get better

  30. When you are getting bored remember that even in that day you have had the first of something

  31. I am probably trying to add more items to this list

  32. If you don’t use something give it as a gift to someone who could benefit from having it

  33. Giving will make you feel incredibly well

  34. Rest when you are tired but then keep going

  35. Sometimes 3 long and deep breaths could let you change your mind about making a decision

  36. The use of a Chron while working makes you go faster

  37. Less is totally more

  38. Singing every day let’s you use and perfection your voice as well and will make you happy

  39. When you go to sleep after 2pm you will be sleepy the day after

  40. Hope you will find it useful! 🙂

  41. Uh one more, I found out that everything that I learned was already understood by millions of other people. Anyway I wanted to write it so that’s it 🙂

Marco Biagioli - Plan Your Happiness

Plan Your Happiness :)

I am certainly not here to bother you with my personal vision of life.

I would like instead to give you a practical guide on how to make the most of it from yours.

This is something that I have realised very recently (1 week ago) and it has been stuck inside my mind for the past, in fact, 7 days.

Now here is what to take awareness of:

  1. You can do anything you want to, so choose only what makes you satisfied.
  2. To achieve the 80% of anything you just need  the 20% of your efforts (The Pareto principle, also known as the 80/20 rule)

Let’s Plan 🙂

Would that being said just think about which projects will make you say WOOW while performing them and list them in a simple table like the following one:


 Jan | Feb | Mar  Apr | May | June  July | Aug | Sep  Oct | Nov | Dec



As you can see you will have to fill up the table with the projects you crave the most just for the next 5 years.

How To

Just Think about 4 Projects for each year.

You can assign 1 Project to 1 or more cells in the timeline.

Or you could either assign Multiple Projects to the same period of time if you believe they might be completed in the 3-months that the cell represents.

Envision your Dreams Plan your Journey to your Happiness.

And Enjoy Everything that happen during the time that you are alive!

Live with Curiosity: I think the worst gift ever would be a Crystal Sphere to see what happens in the future. It would get away from you all the curiosity about living your life.

I will quote a famous quote then I am done I promise 🙂

Do not wait for the storm to pass learn to dance in the rain.

Now my quote:

Keep Learning and Keep Dreaming.

Love you all

Marco Biagioli

Marco Biagioli (37) you really have to?

Multitasking so the ability of performing more than 1 task at the same time

Not only cooking and whatsapping at the same time but also managing more than one project or different parts of a project simultaneously

Time Needed Per Task

If it is true that to make something working or to complete a task by the 80% you would need the 20% of the effort, if you manage multiple tasks than you would need to multiply the time needed to finish that task by the number of the assignments that you are performing at the same time.

Example Gratia

E.G. let’s say that you have estimated the time to complete a ”pitch deck” for your project to be 7 days. If you will also conduct  the ”profit and loss estimate”, which is a task that with the right research can easily take 7 days as well you have likely doubled both the times of completion and now you will finish your pitch deck and your profit and loss estimate in 14 days..if you don’t add any further task to your track list.


This could cause frustration and it might become an addiction to continuously add tasks to your ‘’uncompleted current tasks’’ leading towards missed deadlines/goals.

Plus every time that you switch between tasks you lose focus and the stream of ideas running through you mind related to that task.


What you want to do is to keep it simple. Small and Simple tasks with daily deadlines that will deliver you satisfaction and reward.

Of course if something urgent comes up you should consider to give priority to it but then remember: if it is urgent and you can solve it in few hours then do it, otherwise delegate it.

Because you need to be able to recognise something that is momentarily out of your possibilities and in order to proceed fast, you want to have it done by someone else.

I started to multitask at school when I was losing attention and I was starting to become bored with studying the same subject so that was a way for me to start fresh with something else.


I should have learnt how to take a break, recharge a bit and then start fresh again on the same subject till I had it done!


So keep your daily tasks short and easy.

And learn to recharge and take breaks.

Keep learning  keep dreaming.

See you later


panasonic gh5 vs sony a7sii

Choosing the right Camera for Filming or Vlogging, GH5 or A7Sii?

Investment received

Since we got an investor for our sitcom ”The Joboundu Show” 2 month ago I started to have a look at which camera to use for this production with the purpose of buying one that could also be used for future projects like feature films, commercials, vlogging and interviews.

I had then to approach a new market which I had no idea where to start.

Let’s check experts on Youtube

I went on youtube and I found tons of video that were comparing many different cameras and lenses, and after a while I realised that as long as you pick one of the bests you will be fine because Content is King.

Content is King

I watched ”How I met your mother” for 3 times (I know it’s too much..I am not proud of it!) and ”House of cards” for 2 (Proud of it!) and not because of the video quality but because of the content.

In ”How I met your mother” the video quality is quite poor but the story is extraordinary. It makes me laugh a lot and I think that the characters are perfectly designed as well. Many scenes are noisy or out of focus but still I can’t stop watching it!

While ”House of cards” instead has been shot with an absolute top video quality and attention to perfect shots. Almost all the scenes are symmetrical and the lighting technique is superb. Plus Kevin Spacey is a master of the acting techniques.

But even though the 2 different video qualities and formats what comes out is that Content is the Key to have a great product and to have people to watch it again and again.

The Choice

I was then down to 2 choices: Panasonic GH5 or Sony A7sii

Micro fours third VS Full frame sensor. Right about that…

The differences about these 2 sensors are only about lenses length and light.

So basically the full frame sensor or 35mm, is 4 times the size of a Micro four third or MFT, therefore every lens will have twice the light performances of a MFT camera.

Small Trick

This mean that if you need low light performances on a MFT you just need to buy a lens that has half the aperture of what you need, or simply using a Metabones Speed Booster Adapter XL 0.64x (for full frame lenses) or Ultra 0.71x (for both Full frame and APC-S lenses).

The Speed Booster crops both the focal length and the lens aperture of a lens by a factor of 0.64x or 0.71x depending on which model you will get.

Full Frame Lenses on a MFT camera

Let me make an example: a Full Frame 50mm f/1.4 lens on a MFT becomes a 100mm f/2.8, because you have to multiply both the focal length and the lens aperture by 2

now thanks to the speedbooster 0.64x it becomes a 64mm f/1.8 because you have to multiply both the focal length and the lens aperture obtained by 0.64

or if you get the 0.71x it becomes a 71mm f/2

or you could get native MFT lenses Voigtlander 25mm f/0.95 and Voigtlander 17.5mm f/0.95 which simply become respectevely a 50mm f/1.8 and a 35mm f/1.8

Lenses Choice, Look at the future

The choice I made was to get equipment that would last in the future so I went for full frame lenses that I could put on every future camera like a Black Magic Ursa 4.6K or Canon C300 or Red.

And so I did, I got a Sigma Art Lens 35mm and Sigma Art Lens 50mm f/1.4 which are incredibly sharp and make every project, video or picture stand out.

Now to the camera GH5 or A7Sii?

The Panasonic GH5, because of the MFT sensor which again is a quarter of the size of the Sony A7Sii, needs a quarter of the iso to achieve the same light.

In fact it is true that the Sony A7Sii can shoot up to 25600 iso without any noise (depending on the lens) but it is also true that the equivalent on the GH5 is 6400 iso and if you use the right lens you will get the same results in terms of low light.

So because I needed a flip out screen, and be able to record in 6K 420 and 4K 422 10 bit I decided to go for the GH5.

Of course I took a Metabone Speedbooster Adapter XL 0.64x and I can say that low light is absolutely superb.

Exceeded my expectations

Plus now that it is so bright, I don’t even need so much light. Even late night in a street I can just shoot at 800 or 1600 iso and it is brilliant. Of course the same ISO in the Sony would have been multiplied by 4 so 3200 and 6400.

The quality of this camera and the battery life are unique.

I absolutely love it.

I hope this will help you make the right choice!

Keep Learning Keep Dreaming



Feelings during a kissing scene – Let’s give it a thought

As an Actor I must say that in the past has worked differently depending on the situation.
The film making rises with the desire and the burden to tell a story.

And the role of the actors is to deliver the emotion wanted by the director and the script writers on screen and sometimes I have found it more efficient to focus myself on the kiss to keep the tension and the moment on that to let the audience understand the passion and the grip that was keeping this couple together for some reasons. And in this situation you definitely feel everything because that is where your focus is in that very moment.

Other times instead I decided to focus on the feelings and movements in order to let them see what was going on in terms of ‘’situation’’.

A potential situation could be anything from a reconciliation, a cheat, a lack of money, desperation, and any place where the two are living a peculiar moment of the script necessary to introduce what’s next. And while filming this kind of scene you don’t feel the kiss but the feelings themselves.

Marco Biagioli

Marco Biagioli nivea dare to kiss (2)

Kissing Scene – What to know

There are many factors behind a kissing scene in a movie.
One is the director’s will or the emotion that the scene has to be delivered to the audience.
As an actor I kiss and have kissed many times on screen and every single time I have been given directions about what the scene was really about.
Sometimes we were told to just kiss romantically to let the audience understand that love was in the air so we were just sort of ‘’pretending’’ kissing gently on each others mouth even because the hole movie was more focused on other aspects of the story.
Other scenes like ‘’cheating with the lover’’ or adventurous moments we needed to transmit passion and intensity and maybe even some strength to the importance of that scene so the use of the tongue was explicitly asked by the director already at moment of the casting.
Also everything can happen on set.
Personally I filmed scenes where we were free to improvise so we decided to mix soft and hard moments. So a mixture of sensual soft kisses and more deep ones with the tongue.
Normally if you are an actor you get to know the actress you are going to kiss much more time before the kissing filming day so the director has also time to understand if there is chemistry between the two of you. And this is very important because the scene needs to seem real in order to deliver truth trough the screen.

You may also incur in diverse kind of actresses or actors. Some more passionate some less.

Ones It happened to me while filming a kissing scene in the bed that the actress went secretly to far but you will need to remain into the character and just keep going.
The only thing that matter while filming is the perception that the audience will have watching the scene and the impact that will have on the rest of the story.

I find acting to be the most true, emotionally speaking, job in the world.

Marco Biagioli