Who I am

Aside the technical details like where I was born, when and why I have only now a rough Idea of who I am and who I want to become, and it took me nearly 40 years to realise it. About this, even though I am 39 yo I look ways younger but let s move forward.

My deep connection with people it s something that I have always had for some reasons and I always loved to help and being a team player. What makes me happy is to interact and being with people everyday, having a laugh and talk about different topics that matter to them and see if I can make them feel better. I think it s the first time that I write it down and wow it feels great.

why am I like this I dont know. I think I learnt how to cope with external factors that could have impacted my mental health and now there is very little that can stop me from being who I want to be.

when I was 21 I was given an amazing tip from my theatre teacher back then which was to always perform ignoring everything else even if you had to go to the toilet, because there will never be a situation that is 100% perfect and there will always be something that might distract you from the performance.

Now the toilet example can be a bit extreme maybe but if you will adapt the concept of moving forward as in accepting life as it is which is already fantastic to be alive, you will live everyday keeping empowering yourself and pushing towards becoming the best version of yourself.

So going back to the question who am I?

I am a people person, extrovert that recharges himself being around people and I love interviewing them.

Does this make sense to you?

at the moment let s go with the flow love you.

Marco Biagioli

Marco Biagioli

Marco Biagioli Talkshow Host

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