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Plan Your Happiness :)

I am certainly not here to bother you with my personal vision of life.

I would like instead to give you a practical guide on how to make the most of it from yours.

This is something that I have realised very recently (1 week ago) and it has been stuck inside my mind for the past, in fact, 7 days.

Now here is what to take awareness of:

  1. You can do anything you want to, so choose only what makes you satisfied.
  2. To achieve the 80% of anything you just need  the 20% of your efforts (The Pareto principle, also known as the 80/20 rule)

Let’s Plan 🙂

Would that being said just think about which projects will make you say WOOW while performing them and list them in a simple table like the following one:


 Jan | Feb | Mar  Apr | May | June  July | Aug | Sep  Oct | Nov | Dec



As you can see you will have to fill up the table with the projects you crave the most just for the next 5 years.

How To

Just Think about 4 Projects for each year.

You can assign 1 Project to 1 or more cells in the timeline.

Or you could either assign Multiple Projects to the same period of time if you believe they might be completed in the 3-months that the cell represents.

Envision your Dreams Plan your Journey to your Happiness.

And Enjoy Everything that happen during the time that you are alive!

Live with Curiosity: I think the worst gift ever would be a Crystal Sphere to see what happens in the future. It would get away from you all the curiosity about living your life.

I will quote a famous quote then I am done I promise 🙂

Do not wait for the storm to pass learn to dance in the rain.

Now my quote:

Keep Learning and Keep Dreaming.

Love you all

Marco Biagioli

Marco Biagioli

Marco Biagioli Talkshow Host

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