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Multitasking so the ability of performing more than 1 task at the same time

Not only cooking and whatsapping at the same time but also managing more than one project or different parts of a project simultaneously

Time Needed Per Task

If it is true that to make something working or to complete a task by the 80% you would need the 20% of the effort, if you manage multiple tasks than you would need to multiply the time needed to finish that task by the number of the assignments that you are performing at the same time.

Example Gratia

E.G. let’s say that you have estimated the time to complete a ”pitch deck” for your project to be 7 days. If you will also conduct  the ”profit and loss estimate”, which is a task that with the right research can easily take 7 days as well you have likely doubled both the times of completion and now you will finish your pitch deck and your profit and loss estimate in 14 days..if you don’t add any further task to your track list.


This could cause frustration and it might become an addiction to continuously add tasks to your ‘’uncompleted current tasks’’ leading towards missed deadlines/goals.

Plus every time that you switch between tasks you lose focus and the stream of ideas running through you mind related to that task.


What you want to do is to keep it simple. Small and Simple tasks with daily deadlines that will deliver you satisfaction and reward.

Of course if something urgent comes up you should consider to give priority to it but then remember: if it is urgent and you can solve it in few hours then do it, otherwise delegate it.

Because you need to be able to recognise something that is momentarily out of your possibilities and in order to proceed fast, you want to have it done by someone else.

I started to multitask at school when I was losing attention and I was starting to become bored with studying the same subject so that was a way for me to start fresh with something else.


I should have learnt how to take a break, recharge a bit and then start fresh again on the same subject till I had it done!


So keep your daily tasks short and easy.

And learn to recharge and take breaks.

Keep learning  keep dreaming.

See you later


Marco Biagioli

Marco Biagioli Talkshow Host

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